Acne Scars and Scarring

About Acne Scar and Scar Removal

Get rid of stubborn acne scars and other scars quickly and easily. Our state-of-the-art laser, the Discovery Pico Plus, can significantly reduce the appearance of acne scars and scars in as few as one to three treatments. This procedure requires no scalpel, no stiches and minimal recovery time.

Lighten Up Laser Clinic of Northeast Houston provides safe and effective fine line and wrinkle removal for patients looking to improve the appearance of their skin.

How Treatment Works

Laser beams are easily absorbed by the skin and its layers. The beams remove the most superficial skin layers and collagen regeneration is stimulated through the heat it emits. Over time, acne scars and other scars will fade and can disappear completely.

Pre treatment, patients are encouraged to avoid direct sun exposure for one week prior to their appointment. We ask that you do not wear makeup the day of your procedure. Post treatment it is advised that you wear SPF 50+ sunscreen for three months. We will provide you with pre and post treatment recommendations upon completion of your appointment.

In some instances, you may experience temporary effects such as skin redness and/or a mild sunburn sensation after your treatment, although this is rare–most patients notice little to no effects. As the skin heals, smooth skin will be revealed.