The Zimmer Cryo

Maximum Comfort

cryo6One of the first questions patients ask about laser tattoo removal is, “Does the laser hurt?” Although laser tattoo removal is a highly tolerable and very quick procedure, many patients still associate fear and discomfort with the laser. LIGHTEN UP Laser Clinic values patient comfort and satisfaction above all else. That is why we use the Zimmer Cryo cooling system, the perfect accessory to help numb skin during tattoo removal.

The Zimmer Cryo uses freezing cold air to help numb the treatment site and decrease discomfort caused by the laser. The air is emitted from a long hose at a chilling temperature of -30°C. The Zimmer Cryo helps numb the skin before, during, and after treatment, delivering prolonged skin numbing when it’s needed and wanted the most.

dsc_0314Patients are even allowed to hold the hose and direct the airflow during their treatment, giving you full control over your comfort. Come in for your free consultation today and ask about our Zimmer Cryo. One of our expert laser technicians will give you a demo of it’s cooling effects to help you feel more confident going into your treatment.