Pigmented Lesion Removal

About Pigmented Lesions

pigmented lesion removal, age spot removalPigmented lesions, also known as brown spots, age spots, and sunspots, are common skin blemishes that are often found on the face, hands, and neck. Pigmented lesions are a result of an abnormal concentration of melanin in the skin. There are various reasons as to why people have pigmented lesions. Some pigmented lesions such as birthmarks and freckles are present at birth, while most cases are acquired over time due to sun exposure and old age. Although a majority of pigmented lesions are benign, some may be cancerous and should first be assessed by a physician before undergoing laser treatment.

Lighten Up Laser Clinic of Northeast Houston offers pigmented lesion removal to remove these unwanted blemishes and reveal younger, clearer looking skin.

How Treatment Works

During a treatment, our state-of-the-art-lasers, the Discovery Pico Plus and Motus AZ, emit short pulses of light energy onto the unwanted brown spot. The melanin in the skin absorbs the light energy and shatters. The weeks following your treatment, your immune system will flush away the dead skin cells.

Our lasers are safe to use on all skin types and specifically target the pigment in your skin while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed. Most patients need only 1 to 2 treatments before seeing complete results.

Patients are encouraged to wear sunscreen to protect their skin from daily sun exposure and to prevent additional brown spots from appearing.